About Bonnie

Artist Statement
For much of the last forty years, the human form has been at the center of my artistic focus. My subjects are people, not only because I find painting the human figure challenging and rewarding, but also because I’m fascinated with human faces, expression, movements and characters.
When looking for a subject I look for someone who has an interesting face or an unusual presence, someone who creates a strong emotional response in me. Faces talk to me even when a person is silent.
I believe that a true portrait must be both a likeness of the subject and an artistic interpretation. In my paintings I strive to achieve an accurate likeness, but even more important to me is to paint a feeling. I paint what is going on behind the subject’s appearance, depicting a moment in my subject’s life that reveals a unique aspect of their character. In order to stimulate the mind as well as the eye, I invite the viewer to discover and reflect on this specific point in time in my subject’s life, as one of many that make up layers of their story.

Ms. Peacher holds a BFA from Boise State University with an emphasis in painting and art history. Her award-winning work has appeared in more than 150 exhibitions and collections, including The College of Idaho’s permanent “Idaho Women’s Collection.”
She is also active in the local art advocacy and education community. She has held positions with the Boise Open Studios Collective Organization, Treasure Valley Artists Association, Boise Art Museum docents and is the current curator for the Garden City Library arts exhibition program. She enjoys teaching drawing and painting to a diverse set of students.
Her work is represented by Peterson’s Gallery and Chocolatier in Baker City, OR.

To receive more information about exhibitions or galleries that Bonnie is currently exhibiting in please contact her directly.

208-867-1219 artbypeacher@gmail.com